What did your parents leave you? And what do you want to pass on to your children? The Longcut East tells the story of a motorcycle trip through the legacy of my parents and the history of Europe. The journey of almost 14,000 kilometers takes me through fifteen countries and to important places from the last 25 centuries. The Longcut East is written for anyone who loves to travel. And digging into the past.
The Longcut East is a visual story. In 368 pages with 800 photos, the reader rides along to the Balkans, the Ottoman heartland, ancient Greece, the ruins of the Roman empire, and Napoleon's trail through the Alps. The Longcut East combines a personal story with practical travel info and funny historical facts.
More info and ordering: thelongcut.nl. The book is in Dutch.

A journey to ancient cities and God's lost paradise.

Each chapter immerses the reader in a different country or region.

Stunning landscapes and vibrant cities.

A deeply personal story connects past and present.

The design follows a tight underlying grid. Yet every page is unique.

Off-road meets off the beaten track.

The story is illustrated with tons of large images.

Browsing the book.

The book features about 800 photographs, illustrating every step of the journey.

The Longcut East is packed with practical information about traveling through Europe by motorcycle.

Solo on 2 wheels: 14,000 kilometers through 15 countries and 25 centuries.

Text: Huib Maaskant - design: Bart Heideman - dtp: Marcel Bakker - photography: Huib Maaskant - editor: Eva Moraal - publisher: ABC Uitgeverij - isbn: 978-94-93289-15-4.

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