Thuis! (Home!) is a book about the most beautiful housing association in the Netherlands: de Alliance. The book takes all staff on a trip through the entire organization. It tells what the organization really stands for, summarizes its history, unfolds the plans for the future, and presents the new identity.
Stories from tenants and colleagues across the organization paint a vivid picture of de Alliance. The story is mixed with countless fun intermezzos, useful facts, and surprising tests. The second half is a notebook in which everyone can write down their own story. Not only can you make notes with the included pen, but you can also erase them just as easily from the specially coated paper. There is always room for new ideas.

An inspiring and practical book for all staff of de Alliance.

The book has two covers: front to read, back to write.

A selection of spreads from the book.

The reverse side is an erasable drawing book.

Client: de Alliantie/Colette Laddé - concept: Huib Maaskant - copy: Huib Maaskant, de Alliantie - design: Studio Dumbar (identity), Creative Facilities (book) - production: Factor Z.

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