Universal offers several titles for kids such as Trolls, Spirit, and Jurassic World. But how do you bring these films and Netflix series to the attention of such a purely digital audience? And their almost equally online-viewing parents? By building a story that grows on several social media simultaneously. A story in which content highlights, an exclusive collaboration with influencers, and smart activations go hand in hand.

Each campaign starts by plotting the story across different social media. In this example: Spirit.

Influencer Sterre Koning gets into the studio to record the Dutch version of Spirit's title song.

Spirit competition winners feature in Sterre's music video.

Activation: Win tickets to the premiere of the new season in a real riding school.

Basic formats for all content around Trolls.

Countless Facebook posts based on the basic formats.

Activation: Win tickets to Poppy's Coronation Party at Allington Castle (UK).

Special landing page to win the tickets for the event.

Collaboration with retail partners.

We tell the story of Jurassic World with various short clips and stop motion animations.

Animation example.

Agency: Goud Uberconnected - strategy and concept: Huib Maaskant - copy: Huib Maaskant, Jaimy Hendrickx - art: Lieke van den Bosch - video: Jasper Hulleman, Maurits Bronsveld, Suzanne Bijsterbosch.

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