The Longcut Across is a book about a boyhood dream. The dream of one day driving a motorcycle across America. After fermenting for years the idea eventually developed into a 12,500 km journey through dusty deserts, dark forests, and snowy mountains. Where there are literally bears on the road. 
The Longcut Across is written in the rhythm of the road. In 240 pages, the reader rides along from Toronto to Vancouver via New York, the Appalachians, Elvis Presley, Texas, the Wild West, the Rocky Mountains, and the Red Woods of the Pacific Coast. The Longcut Across is also a practical book packed with travel information about attractions, culture, and riding a motorcycle in America.
More info and ordering: The book is in Dutch.

A travel book of 240 pages full of photos.

Each chapter begins with a full-width photo.

The chapter covers visually transition into the first pages of the chapter.

The interior is constructed according to a tight underlying grid. Yet every page is unique.

Pages with text are interspersed with large images.

Bold quotes bring out striking paragraphs.

Hundreds of photos let you experience the journey with your own eyes.

The overwhelming landscape is extensively portrayed.

The Longcut Across is also a practical travel guide with what you need for such a trip.

The entire route can be followed step by step.

Text: Huib Maaskant - design: Bart Heideman - photography: Huib Maaskant - publisher: ABC Uitgeverij - isbn: 978-94-92597-23-6.

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