How do you get closer to your target group as a beer brand? With a 'brand utility' that fits perfectly into all existing social media. The Amstel Teamlink helps amateur football players to manage their team. On, on your own sites, on your phone, ... wherever you and your teammates are. The amateur team of ex-pro Pierre van Hooijdonk plays the leading role in the Amstel Teamlink campaign.
Awards: SpinAwards 2009, San Accent 2009/2010, Esprix 2010.

With the Amstel Teamlink in your pocket, you are always connected to your football team.

The Amstel Teamlink in a nutshell.

You can use the Amstel Teamlink as a website or as an app.

The website tells you everything about the Amstel Teamlink.

Introduction of Teamlink with amateur football player Pierre van Hooijdonk.

Enjoy football to the max. With the Amstel Teamlink.

Client: Amstel - agency: 2009 Amsterdam/Lab1111 - concept: Huib Maaskant/Martijn Sengers - copy: Huib Maaskant - art: Martijn Sengers - code: Remko Posthuma.

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