Talent has the power to change the world. To better the way we live and work by making it brighter, easier, fun, and simply better in every sense. Talent will take you far, even to places you haven’t imagined. But a talented team will take you even further.
CBRE believes in the power of teams, unlike any competitor. Every day great talents work together like clockwork, achieving results many others can only dream about. What makes these teams so special? It is a unique mix of diverse talents under a single roof. All with the same drive for real estate and the ambition to make their dreams come true. And that builds a great story for an employer branding campaign.

Posters for internal employer branding.

Each poster heralds a different project and team.

Spotlight on international opportunities.

Advertising grid for glossy magazines.

Social campaign.

Display ads for recruitment.

Interactive case.

Online vacancy format.

Team matching tool.

Comprehensive style guide for local markets.

Client: CBRE - agency: Proof - concept: Huib Maaskant - design: Budi Janssen.

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