Join us on a journey through the highlights of South by South West, the world's largest festival that brings together culture, technology, and innovation. What are the game changers, the movers and the shakers? What should you pay attention to for the long term? And for the short? 
Together with Erik van der Bijl and Taco Zuidema I give presentations about SXSW. In an hour and a half, you will be updated on the most important developments for your brand, product, and company. The sessions have already inspired various organizations to explore new paths to the future

All the highlights and what they mean for your business, in an hour and a half.

Moving from long-term vision to short-term practice. And back again.
SXSW 2019 highlights compilation.

Cutting-edge Virtual Reality cases.

Food meets tech: 3D printed sushi.

Great brand activation: Bleed For The Throne.

Sessions at agencies, advertisers, and other organizations.

Publications in a.o. Marketing Tribune.

Speakers: Huib Maaskant, Taco Zuidema, Erik van der Bijl

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