The SpinAwards were created to propel digital thinking forward in the Netherlands. The foundation awarded prizes to the most creative digital work every year. The SpinAwards Night grew into the largest creative event in the Netherlands. The SpinAwards did much more, such as the innovation festival SHAKE and the international Young Talent program. As one of the founders of The SpinAwards, I was creatively responsible for this institute for 20 years.

WE ARE DIGITAL - the credo of the SpinAwards for years.

Ident Art - Every year, WE ARE DIGITAL was redefined by designers and animators.

Website with archive, submission module and bespoke online jury system.

The awards: huge rings in gold and silver.

Signing for the SpinAwards Inspiration Day and the SpinAwards Night.

All nominees were surprised with a special poster.

In the run-up to each edition, a stream of content and conversation on social media.
The legendary SpinAwards Night.

Aftermovie SpinAwards Night 20th Edition in 2018.

In the international Young Talent program, talents from all over Europe competed against each other.

SHAKE: young talents shake up corporates with fresh ideas.
Board: Stephan Fellinger, Huib Maaskant, Hennie van Velzen - project lead: Suzanne Visser - design: Dog&Pony - music director: Raimundo - website: Media Monks.
Thanks to all creative partners and sponsors. Without them, The SpinAwards would not have been possible.

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