The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the job market forever. Job opportunities are also shifting due to more and more automation. Reason enough for Microsoft and LinkedIn to join forces in the Global Skills Initiative. People with limited employment prospects can educate themselves for free in work that is in high demand. Of course, this calls for a striking campaign on LinkedIn that hits people directly between the eyes. Expand your world with digital skills!

Bartender. And now also an online marketer.

Tour guide. And now also graphic designer.

Administrator. And now also a software developer.

Event producer. And now also agile project lead.

As campaign on LinkedIn.

Landing page with career test, training and vacancies.

Client: Microsoft - agency: Merkle - concept & copy: Huib Maaskant - concept & art: Taco Zuidema - production: Filmdepartment (Florien Spronk).

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