According to Eneco, every company can get more done with energy. And of course, we are talking about running a more sustainable business. That is why Eneco introduced two unique services for the business market: the Personal Contact and the GrowBy Service. A targeted, mainly digital, campaign plus complementary content were deployed to convince the busy target audience.
Film: every business owner deserves his Personal Contact.

Bespoke versions per industry for social media.

Adverts in SME magazines.

The GrowBy Service, told through the lens of a zoo.

The GrowBy Service, also for pilots.

Online we tell the real stories of businesses that made the transition.

Online advertorials based on interviews with entrepreneurs.

The stories in a printed magazine.

Photography for the interviews.

Advertisements for the GrowBy Service.

All executions are based on real stories from real entrepreneurs.
Client: Eneco - agency: Volt - copy: Huib Maaskant - art: Robbie Verdoes - production: Sanne Kleindijk-Zaalberg.

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