KEUK is a new brand in radically robust kitchens. Not often do you get the chance to create a brand from scratch, So, when you get a call like "We've got an idea for a kitchen, can you help us to turn it into a consumer brand?", you jump right at it. We created the brand and product strategy, the brand name and the brand identity for KEUK. We also helped with product development, the brand launch and comms. 
KEUK is a radical new way to design kitchens. The core of this modular concept is recycled steel. All panelling is made from waste or reclaimed materials. Appliances are all highly energy-efficient. This adds up to a flexible, sustainable and durable kitchen that can be installed within hours. KEUK will last a lifetime. But if you want to say goodbye to it, KEUK can be fully refurbished or recycled.

Brand and product strategy: creating a contagious brand from scratch.

Logo versions.


Application example.

Crew outfit styling.

Brand launch at the VT Wonen Living & Design Fair.

The KEUK website.

KEUK configurator.


Client: Harryvan - brand strategy, naming, copy: Huib Maaskant - art direction, design, identity: Taco Zuidema.

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