The new Samsung Galaxy S7 takes perfect photos, even in low light. To showcase the unique benefits of the handset, we tapped into an emerging trend on the internet: taking photos of the twilight, which is the most beautiful time of the day (in terms of light).
Naturally, the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 'mobile first'. We teamed up with well-known Instagram photographers for inspiring photos and practical tips. And to connect with a large group of photo-savvy consumers. All content was re-used in online magazines, banners, digital outdoor advertising, and even in weather forecast on TV. The hashtag #ownthetwilight pulled the entire campaign together and provided the desired acceleration on social media.
A few results: 124 million impressions in just one month - 8.2 million people viewed the online video - Overall score of 349% above average.
Awards: 2 x Esprix.
Television commercial and social film 'Own the twilight with the new Samsung S7'.

A first: a mobile site that connects to the camera and instantly uploads your photos.

The mobile site with twilight alarm and photo sharing with #ownthetwilight.

The message reached a large group of interested consumers through the influencers.

Each influencer shared his own series of #ownthetwilight photos.

All submitted photos are collected on Instagram under #ownthetwilight.

The campaign produced strong examples of twilight photography.

Facebook canvas ad with pro tips from the influencers.

Thanks to these tips, everyone can take beautiful twilight photos.

The tips from the influencers were the basis for countless articles in online magazines and on blogs.

Online advertising: banners, interscroller, WeTransfer, etc.

Selected photos are shared live in outdoor advertising.

The best photos were shown the same evening on TV.

The case explained in a movie.

Agency: Cheil - copy: Huib Maaskant - art: Taco Zuidema.

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