Ideas can change the world. More than ever in this digital age. A strong idea moves people. It connects and ignites change. It makes what seemed unimportant suddenly feel special. To me, the greatest thing you can do as a creative is to give meaning to brands, take ideals further and make the world more interesting.
Brands used to be built with campaigns. These days they are often born from content and conversations. Fueled by innovative services, smart products, and bold experiences. Creative thinking can accelerate change by fusing all these moving parts into a distinct, single big idea. 
I truly believe that fresh ideas take us all further. Create forward.
I like to lead the way in creative challenges. Often in the role of creative director, freelance, or ad interim. And as far as I'm concerned, creative direction builds on strategic thinking. That enables the entire creative team to put the winning idea on the table. Leading the creative process also means involving all stakeholders and bringing out the best in people. The best ideas are created together.
What I can do for you:
Creative direction on projects and clients // Concepting // Creative second opinion // In-house agency // Deliver shoots
Where are we and where are we going? As a brand, product, or organization? I look at strategic issues through a creative lens. I help to create brands, manifest a clear purpose, and roll out a consistent story across all touchpoints. Both nationally and internationally. For me, a strategy only works if it leads to distinctive brand assets, infectious creative work, and excellent products.
What I can do for you:
Brand strategy & realignment // Start-up & scale-up branding // Compelling story // Manifesto // Business transformation // EVP
In the end, almost everything I do is about creating content. You could also call it storytelling. Or branded stories. Every brand, every person, and every adventure has a beautiful story to tell. I like to get these stories out there. Especially gripping stories that draw people in. In movies, through social media, and occasionally even in a book.
What I can do for you:
Social content // Corporate films & stories // Testimonials & advertorials // Sponsored magazines & books
Condensing a complex message in a few, crystal clear words. Finding the one line that wins you the pitch. Or a brand manifesto that customers and colleagues love to embrace. Messing around with text never bores me. From scripts to social media, from print to promotion. In Dutch and in English.
What I can do for you:
Copy in Nederlands (Dutch) and English // Brand, product, and service naming // TVC & RC scripts // Website copy & long reads
Create forward. Getting ahead of the digital transformation calls for creating new experiences. The smartest solution to a campaign briefing may very well be a branded product. Or something completely different. Such as a VR app that teaches children to cycle safely to school. Creative innovation can provide a fresh answer to a seemingly ordinary question.
What I can do for you:
Branded products & services // Brand experiences // Design acceleration // Artificial Inspiration
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