Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy




Dutch Digital Awards

The SpinAwards want to push digital thinking forward. That's why we award the best digital work in the Benelux countries each year. The SpinAwards Night has grown into the leading creative event in Amsterdam. There is a lot more to the SpinAward. We run the SHAKE innovation festival and have the biggest Young Talent program for higher education in The Netherlands and abroad. I am one of the board members of the SpinAwards Foundation and I have been the creative director of this brand for over 15 years.

Link: SpinAwards

Link: All films on YouTube


2017 intro for the award ceremony

2016 nominated poster

2016 event signing etc.

Nominees presenting their cases

SpinAwards Night opening ceremony by the board

Disruptive cooking

Dinner with agencies and clients

The ceremony starts

The 20 seconds winner's speech

DJs and artists

The infamous SpinAwards party

The awards

The Grand SpinAward

SHAKE: Pushing innovation forward

International Young Talent Program

Special thanks to all creative partners and the sponsors. Without them, there wouldn't be a SpinAwards.