Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

The Pension Pub



Rich media website

What do a pink rabbit, a fortune teller and a dead toilet lady have in common? Pension Fund Horeca & Catering needs to inform employees in the horeca (hotels, restaurants, pubs) and catering about their pension plan, but they don't really care about. So, you need something they do like or at least something that feels familiar. At you meet people you would run into in a real bar and they all have an opinion on your pension. Like for example Rabbit Rob and fortune teller Ismaëlda. is an interactive cinematographic experience, built in HTML5. As you scroll down the cafe you will hear a continuous soundtrack. There are hotspots everywhere with tons of extra information, calculators and films. The shoot alone took about three days with over a 100 extras on the set. To cut a long story short, it is a website that hardly looks a website.

Link: (sorry, Dutch only)

Video: Case film

Award: PBM Award 2014 - Best concept in the pension insurance industry.

The front door. Scroll yourself inside.

It feels alive like a real local pub.

This hotspot explains your pension on a coaster (series of animation films).

Postcards explaining several pensioen topics.

Barkeeper Jasper welcome you to his bar.

Calculator: how much pension will you really get?

Wendy's tattoo tells a story on the people you leave behind.

These two mice comment on everything (muppet films).

Rabbit Rob is getting married and changes his pension plans.

Fortune teller Ismaëlda reads your future.

Pick a card and discover what the future will bring.

We end where you started. Go again?

A simplified version for smartphones.

The site is tablet proof, except the soundtrack.

Agency Van Santen Netwerk - copy Huib Maaskant - art Michel Jongeneel - film Cake Film - code Code d'Azur