Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy




Global B2B campaign

Mammoet is a world leader in big horizontal and vertical transport. But big doesn't stand out in the world of big. What makes Mammoet different? It is their innovative and creative approach to engineering. Impossible jobs are achieved within a timeframe the competition can hardly ever match. Mammoet moves deadlines forward and that's the heaviest thing anyone can move.
Mammoet - The Biggest Thing We Move Is Time.

Link: Global website

Award: SAN Accent 2014

The manifesto film.

3D key visual of the campaign.

Adverts tell the story about time.

Another example of an advert.

Direct mail with a real hour glass.

The hour glass reveals the message.

Dozens of project sheets.

Powerpoint template and a lot more.

Mammoet Messenger Magazine (internal)

New international website

New international website

New international website

Agency DDB - copy Huib Maaskant - art Tim Voors