Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

Beyond the Big Screen



A real book about the virtual world

Beyond the Big Screen is a book about the internet, social media and cross media production. It has been written for directors and editors of the KRO and other public broadcasters. The book has a few theoretical chapters about the Conversation Theory and social media strategy. Other chapters take a more practical approach on, for example, content strategy and cross media production. The book is zap-friendly; each chapter has its own cover and can be used as the first chapter of the book.

The cover, wrapped with a short introduction

The internet timeline

Every chapter has a unique cover

The Conversation Theory

Theory is translated into practical cases

Social media strategy

Social media compared

Practical tips for the editors

Chapter on mobile and apps

Crossmedia production

How to create a concept

The KRO model

Text Huib Maaskant, Patrick de Koning - design Studio Veer - production Factor Z