Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

Elderly care



More than meets the eye!

There is a strong need for higher educated nurses in elderly care. The biggest problem? Its boring image. The reality is different: elderly care is very challenging for these nurses. They play the role of case managers and make all the big decisions. The campaign 'More than meets the eye' lets students experience the unknown challenging side of elderly care.

At the heart of the campaign is an online experience that puts students in the middle of a confusing situation. They have got only minutes to solve the puzzle. These cases are based on true stories. The online experience seamlessly combines great video footage with interaction. A campaign was created around the content using posters, banners, classroom materials and much more.

Awards: SJP Magneet 2015, Shortlist Content Marketing Awards London

Link: Project website

Trailer for the online experience

Poster - Mr. Davids

Poster - Mr. Pinas

Poster - Mrs. Van Zand

The site is packed with true stories

We even help teachers with their lessons

The website opens with the experience

Choose a story to start with

The protagonist explains the situation

The overlay gets you going

Clues are hidden everywhere

Cracked it? Share your solution

Set of banners

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