Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy




Brand activation

FIT4FREE gives its FREE a new extra meaning: the freedom to be yourself. Each fitness goal is beautiful, because it is YOUR goal. We invited everyone to write their goal on the wall in FIT4FREE gyms. It not only grows commitment, but it also gets people talking and sharing. We celebrate the diversity of goals in a beautiful campaign and even more in PR and on social media. Underneath every goal is a great story.

TVC Keeping up with the grandchildren

TVC More muscles, less kilos

RC Personal record

The part became part of every gym

Out of home

Out of home

Direct mail flyer

National newspaper articles

Agency Het PR Bureau - strategy and concept Bjorn Diemer, Ruben Cusell, Huib Maaskant - art and copy Bjorn Diemer, Huib Maaskant - rtv Erika Vocking - director Ich bin Nina