Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

The BOBsleigh



Cross media campaign

BOB is the national campaign against drunk driving. The key idea is that you appoint one person to drive the rest of the group home safely. Of course he (or she) has to stay sober all night. That is where this campaign comes in. We created an alcohol test by SMS and a promotion around it. During the night you are tested three times. If you pass the test, you have won yourself a great BOBsleigh!

Award: San Accent Non-profit.

Television commercial

Radio commercial

Signs along major roads

Banners on several websites

Welcome to the Bobsleigh Bar

The bar is packed with hidden content

Don't drink and earn a real Bobsleigh


Have-you-been-drinking SMS test

Bureau Roorda - concept Huib Maaskant/Erik Kruize - copy Huib Maaskant - art Erik Kruize