Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

Amstel Teamlink



Digital service concept

How does a beer brand gets closer to its audience? By creating a 'brand utility' that embraces all existing social media. The Amstel Teamlink is the ultimate tool for amateur football players. It helps them to organise their team on Hyves, Facebook, their blog, mobile phones, etc. The Amstel Teamlink goes wherever you and your team go. The introduction campaign features the amateur team of former international Pierre van Hooijdonk.

Awards: SpinAwards 2009 (Silver), San Accent 2009/2010 (Leisure), Esprix 2010

The Amstel Teamlink goes where vyou go is the homebase of the Teamlink

Introduction in video

Tour of all the features

Schedule for matches and more

Invite your friends for any event

Official scores and competition results

Team photos

Agency 2009 Amsterdam/Lab1111 - concept Huib Maaskant/Martijn Sengers - copy Huib Maaskant - art Martijn Sengers