Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

Nokia Music Meister



Full video web campaign

Nokia Comes With Music. Big time! The Nokia Music Store offers over 5.000.000 tracks. If you buy a Nokia Comes with music phone you can download as much as you want for free. To tell this story to the world, we developed a big music quiz: The Nokia Music Meister. It is yours to explore as a standalone site, but also embedded in the Hyves and MTV websites. Challenge your friends and show them you are the one and only Meisterrr!

Awards: FWA Site of the Day on 12/8/09, Lester Wunderman Award (Silver) 2009, WMA WebAward Outstanding Website (2010)
Link: Comes with music

Your hosts Sol and Maarten

Round 1: what are they playing?

Round 2: what is DJ DNS scratching?

Round 3: what make gran groove?

Round 4: what is she asking for?

Comes With Music landing page

Serious online advertising

Numerous banners

Special MTV version

And on Holland's largest social network

Outdoor print

Agency These Days Antwerp - concept These Days/Tim Voors/Huib Maaskant - art Tim Voors - copy Huib Maaskant - design & production These Days