Huib Maaskant

Creative director, concept, copy

VW Hitchhike With A Like



Facebook game

The 21st Century Beetle is the third generation VW Beetle. Volkswagen introduced the car by focusing on the rebellious '60s image of it's grandfather. Back then, sticking your thumb up still meant 'hitchhike', rather than 'like'. Hitchhike With A Like brings these two worlds together in an exciting Facebook game. Hitchhike across Europe and meet very different characters. Each with their own Beetle and soundtrack. Earn points by making the right choices and spend them on awards. The big prize: a trip across Europe in the real 21st Century Beetle.

Awards: FWA Site of the Day op 2/5/12, Eurobest Silver Interactive, Webby Awards Honoree, Cannes 2013 shortlist

Game intro and loader

Choose your next destination

Pick one of three rides

What happened along the way

You have arrived

Decide how to spend your points

Unlock award levels

Choose your next destination and ride

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